Modern EMC and RF measurement systems are complex installations with highest requirements for reliability, precision and repeatability. Fully functional systems are the precondition for our customers to finish critical development projects in time, to optimize the important time-to-market of products and ensure a generally smooth operation of testing centres.

Therefore, service is not just an unwanted add-on or a “necessary evil” to us. Our customers highly appreciate a well thought out / carefully designed service concept. That’s the key to a successful continuous and cost effective operation of every testing centre.

The basis for our service concept is the long term experience and known competence of our core service team with members from the former emv GmbH, Taufkirchen or from 2011 ETS-Lindgren. These are supported by the comprehensive development expertise of BONN Elektronik GmbH.

Our service team provides a manufacturer-independent service for all kinds of RF power amplifier systems and supports EMC systems with field probes, rotary tables and controllers of different brands. We can cover virtually all components of an EMC test laboratory.

Personal care!

Instead of an anonymous call centre, our service team members provide personal care over the lifetime of any instrument or measuring system. The lifetime record of each instrument is centrally stored. We have more than 25 years of experience with the service of RF power amplifiers and RF measurement solutions. Our technicians carry out the service themselves either in the service centre in Holzkirchen or on-site. Our comprehensive stock of spare parts guarantees short turnaround times. This allows reducing potential downtime for maintenance work or repairs to an absolute minimum.

The service team works on the basis of ISO 9001:2015.